Never ever would I have imagined that I would someday have a blog called “Dr” Bonnie.

I hid in the back of my Drivers Ed class to avoid seeing the bloody warning videos about unsafe driving.

I had the “exact same” blood type as my High School Biology partner, since I couldn’t bring myself to stick my own finger and he was willing to test two drops of his own blood.

I was studying instructional video production in Austin, Texas—ready to take on the Silicon Valley there and produce TV programs in nice, clean rooms full of computers.

Then, my life turned upside down and I found myself in Houston. Some video production friends lured me down to the Texas Medical Center with promise of work in a Drug Prevention Project. This turned out to be my “gateway” drug that led me deeper and deeper into the mysteries of medicine. A job opened up at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and I was hooked. At the same time, doctors were breaking their silence and Drs. Sherwin Nuland, Jerome Groopman, Atul Gawande, Marty Makary and many others were beginning to tear down the wall between the All-Knowing Doctor and the patients they needed to help. I became an avid reader of all things medical and quite the geek.

My friend began to call me “Dr.” Bonnie, since this all-consuming wonderment at the mystery of our existence which led to all that reading, allowed me to see the bigger picture. And hauling camera equipment all over the Texas Medical Center provided insight into all sorts of procedures and conditions.

This all led to the mantra that all my favorite doctors continually advocate—we know very little about our own bodies and there is much to discover. It is only possible to state “what we know now” but not “what we will know in the future”. Thus, my byline, “no answers, just questions” as I can provide plenty of questions to be asked. Questions lead to new answers, which sometimes lead to more questions—all in all, avoiding the terrible pitfall of absolute knowledge which is the most likely cause of medical mistakes.

This blog will explore all the questions I have and the questions I don’t even know I have. In addition, I want to share all the fascinating people and blogs that I’ve discovered–to become a clearinghouse of medical information.

Here’s to all our good health! Salud!


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